How To Improve Programming Logic

As we know big part of becoming a better programmer, is to become better at solving problem.

But how? in this artikel I will tell you 5 tips to start improve your logic, Here is how :

  • Think to solve

Split the problem into smaller pieces. Focus now on solving these tiny pieces.

  • Take pen and paper

No one is clever enough to come up with the whole solution inside their head. Write down & visualize.

  • Learn Algorithm & Data Structure

They will help you to get clearer understanding of how to solve problems efficiently.

  • Reads other’s code

Next time you copy code from stackoverflow try to understand how the code you’re copying works.

last but not least

  • Learn coding paradigms

a paradigm is like a blueprint to follow to create projects. Also, understand functional programming.

Photo by Oskar Yildiz on Unsplash

That is the 5 tip to become better programmer

Which Point Will You Implement?




Junior Mobile Developer | Flutter Developer

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Ikhsan Arfian Nugraha

Ikhsan Arfian Nugraha

Junior Mobile Developer | Flutter Developer

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